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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Yummy!

I've been on a Sunday Scribblings hiatus since early December when I left for South Africa. But I can't resist a post for this week's "yummy" prompt.

Koeksisters. These are the one South African food that is responsible for all five of the extra pounds I came back with. And it was worth each and every pound. To describe koeksisters as "donuts," which essentially they are, does not quite do justice to these syrup-soaked delicacies, sometimes sprinkled with coconut. You make the dough and the syrup separately. Once you've cooked the dough (sometimes braided--the Afrikaner version, sometimes just shaped into little oval balls--the Cape Malay version) until golden, you remove them from the oil and let them drain a bit. Then you plunge them into the cold syrup (it has to be cold; surround the bowl with ice cubes). They soak the syrup up and the outside gets a bit hard. The inside remains moist and delectable. If you want to add some cholesterol (why not, at this point?), roll them in some shaved coconut.

Enjoy them with a nice cup of tea.



Repeater said...

Oh, yes, they are yummy sounding indeed. I'm dreaming of eating those, as I've been seriously limiting my intake these days, trying to take off the holiday pounds myself!

Waspgoddess said...

Oh how wonderfully delectable these little things sound. Your description is spot-on, too spot-on, I'm salivating like mad now :)

Bug said...

OMG. You're making my stomach growl. Any chance you could mail me one of those the next time you go??? And great writing in this post! Very descriptive.