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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Deepest, Darkest

This week's prompt, deepest, darkness, somehow brought out the poet in me. She doesn't come out very often, so be kind! I don't even know how to punctuate poetry.

The Grave

The grave I dug was deep and dark,
It bordered on the woods,
I tossed within bits of the past,
The evils and the goods;
Broken bits of shrubs untended,
Sweet herbs now gone to seed,
A diamond and some precious coins
To show I’d lost my greed.
I knew that there was room for more,
Something not yet revealed,
I searched the dark depths of my mind,
But it remained concealed.

The dew of dusk clung to the leaves,
The sun began to set,
I grabbed the spade to fill the grave
But the task was not done yet.
The wind picked up, the clouds went dark,
And soon I could not see,
The darkness spoke in a deep sure voice,
The forgotten thing was me.

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Inconsequential said...

most excellent!

FatCharlatan said...

Wow! I really like this, TI. Gave me chills.

~Kathryn~ said...

this is wonderful
it has given me chills

Lucy said...

wo that was eerie and excellent! How very deep and dark!! Thanks so much for your beautiful comment to me, I almost didn't want to publish that post and the kind words I've received made me glad i did. thanks :)

Bug said...

This is great. It's got such rhythm. And FC is right, it's way chilly! Good job!

ish said...
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ish said...

Roll over E A Poe. :-)

UnfoldingRose said...

very deep and dark indeed! i really enjoyed it

paris parfait said...

Ooh, well done! Very spooky and imaginative.

Tammy said...

You did a wonderful job but the end was a scary surprise. Bravo twin! XXOO

Bohemian Mom said...

I got chills reading this.
Very powerful writing.
Loved it!

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is dark and eerie and yes chilling the ending is great and unexpected.

Patois said...

You should encourage her to come out more frequently. Very good.

gautami tripathy said...

Very powerful. I totally relate to this piece of work. Let the poet in you thrive!!

Stranger in the Mirror

Repeater said...

I love that you wrote poetry for this. And everyone's right- most chilling and creepy- vivid images and good rhythm. Bravo.